Recital Rehearsal June 3-7

The week before the recital we will do a full run through of each show in our regular dance clothes at the studio.   You will not come to your regular classes that week, only the specified day for your show.  On Friday, June 7th we will have a full dress rehearsal (costume, hair, make-up) at Wakefield High School.  You should arrive for this rehearsal ready for the stage in your first costume.  All other costumes should be packed in a basket or bin in the order that they are needed.  Younger dancers will be assigned an older dancer to help them dress at the rehearsal and recital.  For both of these rehearsals, you may leave as soon as you are finished with all of your dances.  We will discuss these rehearsals at  a parent meeting in May as well.  Click here for a recital guide that will help answer your questions.  Please read the following very carefully for your dates and times!  The schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday, June 3rd-  Rehearsal for the Saturday 2:00 and 4:00 shows

4:30pm– 6:00pm– Groups a-d, Combo 1-3, Combo Hip Hop 1-3

6:00pm– 7:30pm-  Combo 5-10, Hip Hop Combo 5-10/Hip Hop 1, Combo Lyrical, Tap 1/2

Tuesday, June 4th-  Rehearsal for the Sunday 2:00 show

4:30pm-6:00pm–   Groups A-G, Tap 3-4, Hip Hop 2-4

Wednesday, June 5th– Rehearsal for Company Gala

4:30pm-6:00pm– Run through show

6:00pm– until-  Awards and cupcake party for TDAC dancers and parents only

Thursday, June 6th– Break, no rehearsals, no classes

Friday, June 7th– Full dress rehearsal at Wakefield High School auditorium

4:30pm- Arrival time for 2:00pm Saturday show-  Rehearsal begins at 5:00pm

5:30pm– Arrival time for 4:00pm Saturday show– Rehearsal begins at 6:00pm

7:30pm– Arrival time for 2:00pm Sunday show– Rehearsal begins at 8:00pm

There is no dress rehearsal for Company Gala.   Production routines and company pieces will only rehearse on Wednesday, June 5th.  We will not run the production numbers or company routines during any of the other rehearsals.