Social DisDANCE

Looking for a Virtual Dance Option? 

The Dance Attic is SO excited to announce that we will be offering a Virtual Option for dancers this year! For many reasons, we know that some families may feel that virtual is the best option for them. Kids these days need a social as well as physical outlet and TDA is excited to bring that to dancers anywhere! 

TDA has taken many protocols to get dancers who are comfortable being back in the studio, back to “in-house” dancing. With that being said, we understand if you want and need other options! This is why we are so excited to announce the Registration Period for The Dance Attic’s Social DisDANCING program has opened!

Based on enrollment we will decide if we will have dancers connected into our in-house virtual classes or if we will separate them into their own classes. 

Our Social DisDANCING program will be offered via a Virtual Platform at the start of the year  and you will be a part of our regular TDA schedule! Just like our in-house classes, we will assign you to different classes based on age and level after you register via this Online Web Registration Link. We ask that all of our Social DisDANCERS register by September 1st (the sooner the better!), so that we can integrate you into our staff schedules and rosters. If you are interested in registering for “Social DisDANCING,” we ask that you send us an email with your age, level, and what styles you are interested in and we can let you know what days and times would be available for you.When you register there are four different Social DisDANCING options that look like this: 

If you want to go ahead and register and let us place you accordingly that works as well! Dancers will be learning and dancing with our in-house dancers via live stream for each class through their screen. 

All Social DisDANCING dancers are required to register for at least Ballet Tech and Jazz, but can add additional classes such as Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Technique, and Acro to their virtual schedules. Upon registering, we ask that you sign up for the Social disDANCING package that you want to commit to, and email us at with additional classes you would like to take beyond the minimum requirement for your membership and we will enroll you accordingly. 

Social DisDANCERS will be offered a “Special Topics” the first  month with a TDA Staff member to talk about various Dance Topics to interact with one another. If this goes well, we will offer more throughout the year. 

Breakdown of Costs: * $50.00 Registration for all Social DisDANCER memberships  

  1. Pre Ballet Social DisDANCER Membership – (3-5 Year olds) 
    1. $20 a month for a 40 minute virtual class where you will see your teachers and dance friends in class through your screen at home! Dancers will receive a Dance Attic T-shirt upon registration! 
  2. Combo Social DisDANCER Membership   Ballet/Jazz and any additional classes (6-12 Year olds) 
    1. $40 a month for required Ballet Tech and Jazz minimum + $20 for each additional class you select to take. Dancers will see their teachers and friends through their screen at home! Dancers will receive a Dance Attic T-Shirt upon registration! 
  3. Social DisDANCER Membership – Ballet/Jazz and any additional classes (13-18 Year olds) 
    1. $40 a month for required Ballet Tech and Jazz minimum + $20 for each additional class you select to take. Dancers will get to be a part of something in a safe way that inspires social interaction, physical activity, emotional outlet, and an opportunity for creative expression. 

We are hoping to offer this as an option for families who feel like this is the best option for them right now. Furthermore, we are going to open up a window in the last week of November for families to decide to make the switch to in-house dance classes at the start of the New-Year. This decision will need to be finalized by December 1st. If your dancer decides to make this switch we will do our best to integrate dancers at full capacity in order to let them perform, compete, be involved in recital and participate in all “normal”  TDA events that are able to happen at that time. 

There will be fees associated with this switch, one of them being that your tuition would obviously cross over to our typical tuition plan for all classes. With that being said, we also understand if you feel as though you would like to commit to Social disDANCING for the entire 2020-21 TDA Season. We do plan to hold a virtual recital and end of year program of some sort for all Social disDANCING dancers, and to involve them as much as possible with all things TDA! 

We hope that all families understand that all TDA Staff wants is for these kids to be dancing, in whatever capacity works best for them. Here at TDA, we are always evolving and adapting to forever changing circumstances to keep these kids engaged and having an outlet to help guide them through such uncertain times. 

Ready to Register to be a TDA Social DisDANCER? Below are your next steps: 

  1. Online Web Registration Link
  2. Pay $50.00 Registration Fee
  3. Email if you would like to add any additional classes to your schedule. 
  4. A Confirmation email and schedule with more details will be sent to you as we gauge enrollment in our program
  5. Sign off that you have read and understand the guidelines on this page using This Google Survey Link!

We look forward to dancing with you… from a distance!

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