We are so excited that you have found us in your search for a new dance home! The Dance Attic is located in the heart of Wake Forest and as we are in the midst on our 36th season, we look forward to welcoming you to join our dance family in the 24-25 dance season! Our registration period will begin in April 2024 for the new season! There will be a $50 Registration Fee due upon registration to claim your spot. See below for a general timeline for The Dance Attic 24-25 Registration Period. You can complete the form below to be added to our mailing list when more information is available!


April 1st 2024: Registration Opens For Public via our ($50)

April 2nd 2024: Discounted Registration Fee for Returning Students Posted To Your Accounts ($40)

April 15th 2024: Any returning student who has not emailed to cancel registration for the 24-25 dance season, will be charged $40 Registration fee claim their spot with TDA. 

May 1st 2024: Last 23-24 season Recreational Tuition Charge for current students. TDA Parent Portal will be shut down after fees are processed for staff to input 24-25 Fall and Summer Schedules, as well as class placements for the new dance season. You will be removed from all of your current classes and will only see future classes listed on your Jackrabbit Schedules and Parent Portals. 

Mid May 2024: TDA Staff Opens Parent Portal and Families will complete a Google Form to inform us of what classes you want REMOVED from your schedule. If you have a conflict in your schedule there will be a way for you to communicate this as well so TDA staff can adjust as needed

June 21st 2024: TDA Trial Class for New Students – More Information Coming Soon!

To get a quick glance – view our New Family Packet from last season Below! New updated Family Packet will be accessible April 1st 2024!

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