TDA Testimonials

“The Dance Attic has had a major impact on my family. We made the choice to attend The Dance Attic when my oldest daughter needed a program that was more challenging as she was outgrowing the beginner level of dance. She was in 5th grade then and her sister was 2 and a half years old. The two of them continued to take dance there for many years to come. My oldest (Ms. Hallie) quickly showed a desire to teach dance as a career and Ms. Wanda and the teachers took her under their wings and slowly gave her more responsibilities. She then acquired a degree in dance education and now is an educator in the public school system as well as company director at The Dance Attic. Ms. Hallie has been a part of The Dance Attic family now for 17 years. Her sister, Ms. Heather, has been a part of The Dance Attic family for 16 years I think. Over the years they both have learned to manage their time wisely to balance their school responsibilities with their dance commitments. Because of their love of dance and their studio, our entire family has supported the studio all along. We enjoy time spent with other dance parents setting up for dance parties, competition props, recital decorations and set up…the list goes on. Because of the love and support that my children received from The Dance Attic, we have invested our own lives in any way we could to help. This has provided us with lifelong friendships, love, support, and peace of mind knowing our children have been in a safe and loving place that they were accepted for who they are while they worked to develop their craft. The studio provided the ground work for our kids to discover their passion. With a studio that has roots here in our community for 33 years, you will not have to look far to find a family who has been positively touched by their experience at The Dance Attic.” – Angela Hoy, Former TDA Parent

As a 2020 graduate of The Dance Attic I have felt all the emotions of being cut short of my last year! With all the sorrow of not being able to finish my dance career with TDA as planned, I always had the reassurance from my Dance Attic family that yes the situation that the world is in, in all aspects, is definitely not ideal but that the people I have had the pleasure of surrounding myself with is behind me! This exemplifies the #TDASTRONG slogan that has been apparent throughout our dance studio’s Covid 19 recovery! Although, as I have danced at The Dance Attic for 17 years of my life I know that the #TDASTRONG slogan has been apparent through our family for many years before! The slogan exemplifies the ability to come together through the thick and the thin which is what Ms. Wanda, the director, and her entire staff has been implementing through their teaching and artistry for 32 years! And I expect nothing less after the hardships of the year 2020! I can not wait till the day I can come back from college and see my Dance Attic family just as all the other Dance Attic alumni have done before me. I look forward to coming back to reminisce on my much valued time I had with the people that come together day after day to create magic and love. No matter what happens in the months ahead, we will be #TDASTRONG”Heather Hoy TDA Class of 2020

I have been a part of the TDA family since 2011. I started as a teacher there for 8 years, but also started a family 4 years ago while still teaching. When I found out I was having a girl, I couldn’t wait to get her started in dance classes! Through getting married, having babies, and everything in between, Ms. Wanda and the entire TDA family have been there for me. Even though I no longer work there, it still feels like home when I walk in the door to take my daughter to class. I would highly recommend TDA to any dancer because you’ll feel welcome the minute you arrive. The staff worked hard to continue classes through Covid & create the safest possible space for dancers. I have always loved teaching dance, and I am so grateful that TDA gave me a home to do so for so many years. As a teacher, I worked hard to provide the best learning environment for my students there. As a parent, I continue to see this in the other teachers. TDA dancers are incredibly talented, disciplined, & kind. You won’t be disappointed!” – Caitlyn Winters, TDA Parent

“When I think of a staff member that has impacted my life, Ms. Hallie is the first person that comes to my mind. She’s more than just a dance teacher. She’s a mentor to me, she’s an amazing role model, and she genuinely cares about all of her students. If I ever have a question, if I ever need help, or even if need a ride home, Ms. Hallie is always there. She’s helped build my confidence in dance, and has taught me so many life skills to use in my future outside of dance. She’s such an easy person to talk to if you ever have a bad day and need to be lifted back up, and she’s the first person I go when I have good news or have something to share. She seriously goes above and beyond for her students and I couldn’t ask for someone better to look up to. The strong and close bond that I have formed with her all throughout my years at TDA is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.” – Delaney Nunn, TDA Class of 2022

If our daughter isn’t at home or school, you can find her at favorite place – The Dance Attic. She has been dancing her whole life and with so many stressors in the world, we can’t express our gratitude knowing she has such a safe and loving place to go to. We’ve watched her confidence grow tremendously over these past few years and we know that her teachers at The Dance Attic are a huge reason why! They foster a positive environment and our daughter has made so many friends at dance because of this! From day 1, the staff have opened up their arms to our daughter (and our family). What they have taught our daughter has gone far beyond just the dance floor. They have taught her grace, respect, trust, love, and friendship. Their dedication to her (and all the students) is incredible! She’s not afraid to ask for help or try a new skill that she may have otherwise avoided because of the difficulty. I feel like The Dance Attic staff are my partners in raising my daughter – and they have far exceeded my expectations!! Through this, we can continue to watch her grow and see her confidence shine through on the stage and at home! “- Liz Blackmon, Parent of Current TDA Dancer

“I have witnessed many experiences during my time at TDA some experiences that i’m very excited for are growing closer with my TDA family, becoming an intern and helping out around the studio. I can’t wait to experience the bond and joy you feel when making a senior dance and growing closer with your senior class. Im excited to travel to New York like the high schoolers have done in the past since they seem to learn so much and grow so much from the classes they experienced.” Merritt Austin – Current TDA Dancer and Intern

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