WHO WE ARE: The Dance Attic of Wake Forest is the premier dance studio in the Wake Forest Area, and as we enter our 35 season of dance, we stand strong as a united family as we shape future children and dancers in our community. At The Dance Attic we offer a dance training experience for dancers from ages 3-18, ranging in all different levels from beginning recreational dancers to competitive dancers preparing for a career in dance. At The Dance Attic we offer high quality dance training in a family-oriented environment where kids can be kids and if they want the option to be a part of the competitive dance experience we can provide that for them. Our competitive dancers are trained like student athletes to prepare them for the future regardless of if they choose to pursue collegiate dance teams or futures in dance. Here at The Dance Attic our staff, dancers, and their families all work together in shaping children to love and appreciate the art of dance, while expressing themselves in their dance journey
TDA Class of 2024

The Premier Wake Forest Dance Studio, Wake Forest, NC – Lessons in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip-hop

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