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At the Dance Attic, we value every student — young and old, beginners and advanced students alike. It is our aim to offer a quality dance education to all students. Some students choose to make dance their primary extra-curricular activity and participate in dance at a very high level. These are members of our Dance Company.

Participation in the Dance Company occurs by invitation, with the teaching faculty determining annually by auditioning those students who exhibit the dedication, attitude, and proficiency to represent the studio in public performances and competitions.In addition to attending several extra classes, Company members perform in shows and exhibitions around the Triangle area. They also attend workshops and competitions around the region. In recent years, we have traveled to Myrtle Beach and Ocean Isle Beach, as well as Raleigh, Durham, Rocky Mount and Louisburg for local competitions.

It is important for all Company members, prospective members, and parents to understand what is involved in being a member of the Dance Company. Participation in Company is a great deal of fun, but it requires a significant commitment to dance and a good deal of extra time and effort. Taking a dance class is the same as participating in any other extracurricular activity. Being a Company member is like being on a select sports team and requires a sincere commitment to the team. Both students and parents should decide if they have the time to commit to the Dance Company. No matter how talented a student is, if they don’t have time to put dance first, and if they don’t have enough parental support, it may be better not to participate in Company.

Students and parents interested in Company participation must also recognize the expectations related to attitude. As members of our team, Company members and their parents are expected to support and encourage each other and to exhibit impeccable sportsmanship at all times. Our students — without exception — are expected to treat each other, their teachers, parents, team leaders, managers, competition judges and fellow students from other studios with the highest level of respect. Winning trophies is nice, but representing ourselves with class and dignity is an absolute requirement.

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TDAC Staff

You will not find a more dedicated team than these 5 women right here. As Company Directors, Ms. Hallie and Ms. Ari lead the competitive team and all aspects surrounding the team. Our other Company Choreographers Heather, Abby, and Allie are committed to TDAC as well as they all inspire our dancers to push themselves past their comfort zones and find confidence with their skills and choreography throughout the year. 

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