Summer 2020

Summer Schedule 2020

Due to Covid 19 restrictions we are revising our summer schedule.  

We are offering time slots of 50 minutes for dancers to come into the studio and bring ideas of any dance skills they would like to work on ~ this is NOT a traditional dance class. Because of limited contact and spacing during the time in the studio, the teacher will offer stretches, technique, strengthening, and critiques- but this is a self-learning experience.

There will be a staff member in each studio at all times for instructional feedback and to make sure all dancers are keeping a safe distance!

Dancers are REQUIRED to wear masks.

There will be four dancers assigned to a studio/We will put the four dancers in their assigned corners to ensure they are social distancing/The dancer will bring a list of activities, dance techniques and challenges that they would like to work on. When demonstrating a skill… One at a time, the teacher will direct the dancer to the X that will be placed in the center of the room. Again, we are in uncharted waters and this is something new for us but we think it’s important to keep these dancers moving not only for their body but for their mental health! They also will get that connection and camaraderie from their dance family!

 The cost of this program is $20. CASH ONLY. There must be (4) dancers signed for each hour to hold the class. We would like for the dancers to be the same level in age to make the experience the best one possible for everyone. 

Click Here for the Sign up sheet for our Final “Core Corners” in July! 

We have scheduled some August 11th, 13th, 25th, and 27th to introduce “Core Space” where we will be having up to 9 dancers and their teacher in the room, to follow all CDC guidelines we will be following when our Fall Session starts Sept. 8th



We are introducing another Summer Dance Opportunity called “But Can You do Both? – Meet Us On The Marley” More information and sign up times will be coming soon! 


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